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How Much Does Care Cost?

At Well Within Chiropractic the cost primarily depends on the total number of visits and the types of services rendered on each visit. For complete transparency, our cost per service is as follows:

Initial chiropractic visit: *

$125.00 Adult
$75.00 Student & Child
(*Includes consultation, history, physical exam, and X- rays if needed.)


$55.00 Adult
$45.00 Student
$40.00 Child


$525.00 Custom Orthotics


$90.00 per hour

$140.00 per hour of Raindrop Technique with Essential Oils


Cost depends on the region of the body examined.

Payment Options

We accept:
MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident), DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs), and RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). Otherwise we are a non-direct billing office.

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