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Nutrition for the Truro Community

Nutrition is a Lifestyle, Not a Quick Fix

We don’t believe that you can get adjusted and then go drink Scotch, eat McDonald’s, be healthy and clear up subluxations. It just doesn’t work that way. Temporary patches and quick fixes won’t get you very far when it comes to overall health.

Nutrition for Truro and Colchester County

Get the nourishment your body craves!

When you eat local and organic foods (when they are available) and complement this menu with whole food supplements, the organs of your body receive the nourishment they crave to fully function and communicate in a creative, energetic space.

To help give your body the nourishment it craves, we use the following products:

Douglas Labs: These professional-grade supplements are different from other vitamins because of their potency and bioavailability.

Starting the Conversation

On your initial visit to Well Within Chiropractic, the first question we will ask is, “Are you at your ideal body weight?” That starts the conversation about nutrition and menu planning. We’ll talk to you about challenges you may have with planning meals. These may include time, money or selections. During the report of findings discussion, we’ll provide some quick tips and solutions that will have you improving your nutrition in no time.

Creating Goal-Based Programs

Based on your nutrition and weight-loss goals, we may suggest a nutritional cleanse or some supplements. If a patient says, “I’m sick and tired and looking for solutions,” we’ll move them toward a deep cleanse that could be a 30- or 60-day cleanse and weight-loss program.

Dr. Celina or Dr. Mike will follow up with you to find out how it’s going. If a patient starts with a 30-day cleanse one of the doctors may suggest another 30-day cleanse if they graduate toward a more performance type of nutrition or a maintenance type of nutrition protocol.

Good nutrition is foundational to excellent health. Call (902) 843-3445 today to find out how we can help you improve your health for a lifetime!


Nutritional Counseling in Truro
Be Fit. Eat Right. Think Well Within. Get Adjusted!