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Meet Dr. Celina Spence

Dr. Celina is passionate about chiropractic’s role in providing her patients with greater health and vitality. This energetic dynamo states, “I play full out all the time.”

Early Exposures to Chiropractic

Truro Chiropractor, Dr. Celina Spence

Truro Chiropractor, Dr. Celina Spence

At 11 years old, Dr. Celina and her family were involved in a car accident in which the vehicle rolled over several times. They didn’t have seat belts on. “My brothers, sister and I were tossed around like a good salad.” Initially, everyone appeared to be okay but for a few bumps and bruises. Weeks later, however, Dr. Celina got progressively sorer, developed headaches and couldn’t sleep. Her father decided that it was time for her first chiropractic adjustment.

Afraid that it was going to hurt, Dr. Celina instantly felt better, could think better and had energy like she had never had before. “Let me tell you, after my first adjustment at 11 years of age I absolutely knew that I would become a chiropractor!”

At 19, while playing basketball at the University of Calgary (Go Dino’s!), she decided to go for the ball while her opponent went for her head. Dr. Celina felt a terrible pain in her neck and instantly knew that something wasn’t right. Initially things appeared okay but the next day she couldn’t lift her left arm. Dr. Celina found a university chiropractor who charged only $7 per adjustment. “I made sure I found enough money to go because it’s what kept me together as a human being — physically, mentally and spiritually.”

A Happy, Healthy Life Through Chiropractic

After graduating from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Physical Education, she attended Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, graduating with clinic honors. Since she was 11, Dr. Celina hasn’t been on any medication, ever, and has been able to lead a healthy, happy life naturally through chiropractic.

Family Life

“I loved chiropractic so much that I married a chiropractor! Okay, not just because he is a chiropractor but it is a bonus!” Dr. Celina and Dr. Mike have two happy healthy boys. Both received their first adjustments within hours of being born.

Outside the office, Dr. Celina is very active. She’s a runner and she enjoys sharing her story at women’s events in the area. Dr. Celina communicates with her audiences how to be accountable to themselves. “The control of their health and well-being resides within themselves.”

If you would like to have greater health and vitality, Dr. Celina would love to become your health coach! Call (902) 843-3445 today to schedule an appointment.

Be Fit. Eat Right. Think Well Within. Get Adjusted!